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2012-10-13 — By Óscar García



Open services maintaned by the connectical staff without cost. Feel free to use it and report any problem.

git.connectical.comOur Git testing Gogs server to collaborate on code. 
keys.connectical.comPublic OpenPGP server, used to created a PGP web of trust. 
time.connectical.comPublic Time Server (NTP). Currently Stratum-2, but Stratum-1 planned. 


OpenSource (and usually also FLOSS), developed by Connectical team and free to use.

vim-templateSimple templates plugin for Vim 2021-11-01T02:14:27ZAdrián Pérez
ngx-fancyindexFancy indexes module for the Nginx web server2021-10-28T19:37:48ZAdrián Pérez
dmonSmall process daemonization and monitorization tool.2021-10-06T09:22:03ZAdrián Pérez
mldonkeyChrome Extension for send elinks directly to MLDonkey2021-07-08T07:34:07ZÓscar García
dwtSimple no-frills terminal emulator using VTE -- for (x)dwm2021-05-31T21:17:33ZAdrián Pérez
trellowarriorTool to sync Taskwarrior projects with Trello boards2021-05-14T07:10:26ZÓscar García
libcalbyTiny library to manage calendars and date/time stamps (ISO, TAI, JD, MJD...)2020-09-16T22:15:49ZAndrés J. Díaz
libnss_mapA NSS library to map user credentials to existent user in the system. The idea behind libnss_map is to provide a way to authenticate users without any user database, which is usefull in large distributed environments where keep a consistent user db is not easy.2020-09-16T22:13:00ZAndrés J. Díaz
sysdwebControl systemd services through Web or REST API2019-12-26T06:39:21ZÓscar García
nss-altfilesNSS module to read passwd/group files from alternate locations2019-08-15T02:52:39ZAdrián Pérez
wheelThe “wheel” library aims to provide basic (and some not-that-basic) facilities that one would expect to have in C.2018-08-05T10:01:16ZAdrián Pérez
micoA monkey driven cloud management2018-06-08T19:23:08ZAndrés J. Díaz
whistlerWhistler Bot is a XMPP bot with MUC (multi-user-conference) support, easy to extend, written in python, using SleekXMPP.2018-06-08T19:14:13ZAndrés J. Díaz
dtoolsDistributed tools, aka dtools is a project written in bash coding to create a suite of programs to allow running different UNIX commands in parallel in a list of tagged hosts. This utility is based on capistrano for Ruby or fabric for Python, but in pure bash.2017-07-22T16:59:35ZAndrés J. Díaz
druidA NodeJS Jabber bot framework2014-03-07T12:26:23ZAdrián Pérez
xdwmMy fork of the DWM window manager. Includes 3rd party patches and some own modifications. Branch “upstream” tracks the tip from the DWM Hg repository, which is periodically merged back on “master”.2014-01-31T22:32:49ZAdrián Pérez
moleMole: A flexible operational log analyzer.2013-05-27T13:20:39ZAndrés J. Díaz
nfwxNokia Firmware Explorer2013-04-24T12:31:15ZAdrián Pérez
abtoolUnpack and repack unencrypted ADB backups2013-03-04T21:27:44ZAdrián Pérez
cuacfmeegoCuac FM MeeGo player2012-07-11T13:20:05ZAdrián Pérez

Our Awesome Team.

The Connectical Team is an international group of enthusiasts from the open source community without commercial interest and for the benefit of others

Avatar of Adrián Pérez

Adrián Pérez

Being a self-taught GNU/Linux user and C programmer was the main reason which made me study computer science: I discovered that it was possible to gain control over the electron beams flowing inside computers.

Avatar of Andrés J. Díaz

Andrés J. Díaz

As a fan of sci-fi tv series, I think that the computer science can change the world, so I studied computer degree and I was working at the IT industry for years, specially focused in large distributed systems.

Avatar of Óscar García

Óscar García

Since I learn some magic words, like POSIX, virtualization or networking, I become to a 1st level wizard in Connectical. In my free time I was the head developer of Galician Oficial Linux and the official translator of Gallery2 to spanish.